Registration Process and Tuition Assistance Information
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Cathedral School of Saint Mary appreciates the financial commitment made by families so that their children can receive a Catholic education.  Although our financial support is limited, we encourage families who are struggling financially to request financial assistance.

These steps should be followed in this order to request financial assistance:

  1. Complete Student Application and remit the Application ($75) and Registration ($300) Fees.  

  3. Request Tuition Assistance ONLINE via FACTS TUITION MANAGEMENT- you are on the FACTS TUITION MANAGEMENT site, please log on as a NEW USER and CREATE AN ACCOUNT. This is a separate process / account than what was created in step 2, above.

The first deadline for tuition assistance is March 31.  Applicants will be reviewed, and notified of the committee’s decision from May 2 - 6.  The amount offered will also be given.  Those who registered following the above steps will be considered in the first round of financial aid.  Those applying after March 31 for tuition assistance will be considered in the second round of financial aid awards.

If you do not have computer access, both Mr. Fiedler, our Administrative Assistant, and Mrs. Hoang, our Advancement & Admissions Director are available to assist with signing up with FACTS TUITION MANAGEMENT. 

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